1. Roof Top Solar:

Roof top solar solutions are provided for both grid connected/off-grid requirement and with/without battery back up.

Roof top solar solutions are provided for residential areas, commercial establishments and industrial areas which have been categorized as follows:

Residential Areas:

Individual houses, villas, homes in gated colonies.

Commercial Establishments:

->Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions.

->Hospitals, Healthcare Units, Diagnostic Centers, Clinics.

->Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants

-> Malls, Shopping Complexes, Market Areas

-> Advertisement Billboards

-> Offices (both government and private)

Industrial Areas:

Factories and Warehouses that are either individual or coming in an SEZ, Industrial Park etc.

2. Solar PV Pumps:

The use of Solar PV modules for water pumping is an attractive application with the advantage that the use of battery and even inverter can be avoided.

A solar water pumping system consists of PV modules, motor, pump and storage tank. Similar to home lighting system, a PV pumping system can be designed for sizes ranging from very small water pumping requirement to drinking water to larger water volumes for irrigation.

Areas of Application of Solar water pumping systems:

  • Home Owners :

Pump water for drinking, sanitation, maintenance of gardens and swimming pools in a cost effective and sustainable way. Additionally, in theme parks where water is required, this serves great use.

  • Farmers Agriculture :

Irrigation of crops without requiring grid power or cost of running generators. Livestock and cattle have drinking water, reliably wherever it is needed.

  • NGOs, Community, Relief Work :

Delivering water to communities, displaced people, in remote areas all can be achieved in an economical manner through solar water pumping system.


3. Solar Street Lights:

Solar street lights due to it being non-polluting and cost effective, is increasingly replacing old street lights when it comes to upgrading an area’s infrastructure. It also is increasingly becoming the first choice to lighting up newly laid streets and roads – more so in smart cities.

Stand alone solar street lights are environment friendly, cost saving option to light up streets, boulevards, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports, streets in and around residential areas or any public space.

4. Solar powered bus shelters:

All over the world, cities are installing solar powered bus shelters for passenger transit. Solar powered bus shelters address three concerns: safety, lighting and weather protection. These bus shelters utilize solar powered lights to reduce the amount of energy used, thus providing safe and well-lit waiting areas for passengers (at night) besides being air-conditioned. Solar powered bus shelters are part of the effort to “go green” along with ‘green’ buildings and solar standalone street lights.

Over the course of time, solar powered bus stops will ensure reduction of tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions. So look to implement this unique concept for your street, locality, neighbourhood or area and Renovera can help you with it!

Solar powered bus shelters are equipped with:

Fans, Air conditioners, Charging portals for laptops, tablets and mobile phones, LED Lights, Advertisement spaces.


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